Why I decided to vlog on Youtube?

youtube-channelWoah! I’m back here after over year. So yeah, after writing my first blog, I didn’t log back in here until today.

A lot of things happened since I wrote my very first blog. Last summer, my husband and I went to the States to visit the kids. Not to long ago, I resigned from my beloved job because we will be moving to Colorado and then before that, I decided to vlog on youtube.

Vlogging has been something I wanted to do since 2011 or 2012 when I first saw Michelle Phan on Youtube. Yes, I think that was in 2012. First, I really wanted to be a makeup guru like Michelle but I realized I am not as talented as her so I didn’t do it. Then after that I see different people on Youtube doing their own thing; some are showcasing their singing talent, dancing, how to do this, how to do that and then I saw some people just posting about their life and what they do on a daily basis. I’m like “wait, why do you want to show the world your life? That’s kinda strange.” After watching different lifestyle vloggers, I realized that people do it because of different reasons. Some people decided to vlog their life because they have fans from their beauty channel who are curious to see how they live their lives. Some are doing for memories (something to look back when they get old) and some do it to inspire people.

One day, I came across one of Shameless Maya’s Tech Talk videos and I decided to look at her other videos. Whenever I will see a Youtuber that I like, I’m always curious how and why they started vlogging. With Maya, it all started as a social media experiment. She wanted to put herself out there for 365 days and see what will happen from there. On her earlier videos, she talked about the struggle of what her contents will be and yes, that could be challenging since your viewers are expecting something from you. She kept filming and filming even after that and now YouTube has become a lifestyle for her. What she did is very brave and it inspired me to make my own channel, film my life and just put it out there.

I started asking myself “if I create a channel what are the area(s) I should focus? Should I be like Michelle Phan who started just doing makeup tutorials? Will I look stupid on my videos? What if no one watch me? Who will watch my videos when I’m a nobody???” Those are just the few questions that started popping in my head. Being an overthinker myself, I didn’t do it when I first thought of doing it because I scarred myself with my own thoughts. I didn’t know where to begin because of it. Finally one day, I took the camera and started talking about myself, my goal and what inspired me to do it. I didn’t really say much on my intro because it was awkward talking to the camera but really my goals are:

  1. Memories – I love looking back to memory lane. I have another youtube channel I long time ago that’s full of my son’s videos when he was still little. Until now, I still watch my son’s video and I’m thankful that I have something to look at now that he is older. Too bad, I can’t get in that channel since I forgot the email and password I used for that account.
  2. To Keep Me Busy – When I started my channel in September of this year, I knew at that time that I will be jobless in a month. I hate being bored and not doing anything and I know vlogging will keep be busy. From filming to editing, yes that’s making me busy these days.
  3. To Keep My Family Updated – I didn’t have facebook for over a year and updating my family with what’s going on with my life can be sometimes difficult. I figured that maybe if I film my life and upload them  regularly, my family will know what I’ve been up to. If you are wondering, I have my sisters in the Philippines and my parents are here on Guam. In January, my husband and I are moving to Colorado.
  4. To Explore – vlogging is something out of my comfort zone and I wanted to explore and answer all the “what if’s” in my head. We will never know until we try, right?
  5. To Inspire Other People – we are all unique in our own ways but if there’s something in me that may inspire other people, why not? Sometimes, we look at ourselves so low but for others we are an inspiration. I give a lot of relationship and life advice (if needed) to people I’m close to based on my own experience. I don’t tell them to follow my advice but I’m laying out the possibilities and options for them. I am not a psychologist but my life experiences made me smart and open-minded. I will incorporate my learnings in my vlogs soon.
  6. Money & Freebies – I’d be lying if I didn’t think of this. Of course, I did. At this point, I don’t really see myself vlogging for a very long time and until now I don’t know until when I’m going to do this because I’d like to work again (in Human Resources area) once we moved to Colorado. All I’m saying is that, if I gain money or get free stuff while vlogging, I will not say NO. As long as it is legal and not harming myself or anyone, why not?

At this point, I only have 70 something subscribers and 500 something views. My channel is still very young and so far I am enjoying it.

To see my youtube channel look for: Queen KC Van Etta.

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