Review: Hyper Curl Mascara by Maybelline

I was excited to try this mascara because I am looking for a dupe for my ever favorite Dior Overcurl. This products claims to give our lashes the natural and fresh look; it says it is 24 hour smudge-proof and irritation proof gel formula. I am very picky when it comes to mascara because I have resistant eye lashes, oily eyelids and so far only Dior Overcurl is the only mascara that gives my lashes long lasting curls that doesn’t make a mess on the lower rims of my eyes.

The Hyper Curl Volume Mascara is waterproof. I prefer non-waterproof mascaras because it is a pain to take them off and it makes your lashes brittle. So for me, that’s the down side. The up side is, it only cost Php 199 but I got mine at Php 50 off in Watsons Megamall, so I only paid Php 149 for this.


The mascara wand is slightly curved to help achieve the curling effect. When I applied the first coat, my right eye lashes, didn’t curl but left eye lashes did. Weird, right? One coat, gave my lashes a little volume so I guess that is good. The second coat was a little bit difficult to apply because the product dried up fast on my eyes. I can tell a little bit of clumpiness but not that bad. The second coat did make my right eye lashes curled up and now both eyes are even!

So now, let wait how long my lashes will stay curled up with no smudging. I applied the mascara at around 12 noon.

At 3:30is, my lashes are still looking pretty. Still curled up with no smudging.

At 6pm, they still look the same. At this point, I had to check if there were small black particles that fell out. I usually see those small black stuff after a few hours of applying mascara. To my surprise, there’s none!

At 8:18pm, I can see a little bit of smudge on the left side of my lower lash line but the curl of my eye lashes were still there. One thing I love is, until at this point, there were still no small black particles coming off. After 8 hours and still didn’t see any of that….. That was a big WOW for me!

Will I repurchase? Yes! Even though I didn’t like the fact that it is waterproof, I will repurchase this  because of the fact that it held the curl of my eye lashes for more than 6 hours. A little bit of smudging at 8 hours was no biggie for me and yes, it does look natural.

I know taking off mascaras from our eyes is quite irritating; the more so if the mascara is waterproof. Well, I am happy to say that with this mascara, it wasn’t a pain to take it off (with the help of Clinique Eye Makeup remover).

See my YouTube review on this product at

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