Review: Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear

I’m not really a fan of BB Creams but for some reason I bought this one while I was in the Philippines and gave it a shot. Most BB creams I have tried before were American Brands and I didn’t like any of them. I tried one Korean BB Cream from Missha and that too failed to impress me. So to be honest, I was skeptical about this one.

Okay, so let’s talk about the product.


Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear comes in an inverted tube container which for me is perfect so getting the last amount of the product would not be so hard. The product cost Php 238 and it is 20m/.0676 fluid oz.

The products claims to be:

Skin Lightening




Color Corrector

When I purchased it, I was told by the sales lady that since it is BB Cream, I can use this as a makeup primer. I guess that is a plus but that’s not what I intend to use this for. I just want to use something light on the skin that is moisturizing, will give me a little coverage that will last for 8 hours or so.

The manufacturing date and expiration is at the back of the product. The makeup expiration says that the product is good for 12 months once you opened it. If you will use this product every day, 20 ml will only last you maybe just a month.


The BB Cream itself is not runny which is amazing because the product is not thick. You can use your fingertips, sponge or brush to apply the product (as indicated on the package) on your face. As I am applying this on my face using a damp beauty sponge, I can feel that it is easy to blend. One layer of the BB Cream gave me a little coverage and cancelled out the redness around my nose, chin and the sides of the bridge of my nose. Yes, I have redness on those areas too. One layer of this product and I am already happy with what I’m seeing. I decided to put one more layer to see if it will give me more coverage and to see if the product is buildable; and it did! Two layers of this BB Cream is doable, not cakey and gave me more coverage. Some pimple marks are still showing but doesn’t really bother me. It doesn’t have a matte finish, it is dewy. If you have oily face like me then you know that dewiness will give us more shine.

I finished applying this product at 12:03, I applied blush on my cheeks to see how long my blush will stay on but I didn’t apply any setting powder. This way I can really test this product.

At 330ish, my face was really oily specially my T zone. This is not a surprised and not a disappointment towards the product. After three hours, I’m still liking the coverage of this product.


The picture was taken at 3:30ish pm. As you can see, my face is very oil and needs some blotting.


Back to looking fresh after using an oil control sheet. No loose powder applied either.

At 6pm, of course the oiliness is still there. Oh, the blush too! 🙂 I’m still very much happy with the BB cream at this point. A little bit of redness was peeking through around my nose but the coverage for the rest of my face was still there.


My last check in for this review was at 8:18pm and I can say that the coverage was still there and even my cheek color. Of course, the oiliness didn’t go away but given that the only time I used an oil control sheet was at around 3pm, I can say that this product exceeded my expectations.


This is a selfie I took at 8:18pm.

Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear is a product that I would repurchase for myself. I had to emphasize that no setting powder was applied on top of the BB cream and after 8 hours, it is still giving me what I’m looking for in a BB Cream – moisturizing and will give me light to medium coverage.

Thumbs up, Nichido!

This review is also available on my YouTube Channel. You can check it out at .

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