Review – Jazzy France Lip Gloss

I was so excited to try this Jazzy France Lip Gloss after seeing good reviews on YouTube. When I went to the Philippines, I made sure I get myself some of these lip glosses for me to try.

Let’s first talk about the package and the price. Each lip gloss comes in a clear acrylic container which is good so it is easier for us to see the color from the outside. I got mine in SM Megamall cosmetics department for P349 each.

Now, the product. The colors I purchased were Maroon, Sunrise and Tea Rose. The Maroon lip gloss is a dark red violet color. I love how dark the lip gloss is and it almost as dark as black once it dried on my lips. Sunrise is red orange or in the makeup world, we call it coral. Tea Rose is a beautiful mauve color. jazzy-france-swatches

I got attracted to Tea Rose because from the packaging, it really looks similar to Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in “Mother”. When I did a swatch, “Mother” is more on the pink side and Tea Rose is more on the purple side. So no, they are not similar in color at all.

Anyway, all three products took about a minute or two to completely dry. I noticed that in the process of drying, the product was sticky but the stickiness was gone once it was all dry. I noticed some patchiness on them specially in Maroon but because it took a while for them to dry on my lips, evening it out wasn’t difficult. Also, the Maroon lip gloss was making a sound while I was applying on my lips. Well, it wasn’t really the lip gloss that was making the sound but the applicator and my lips touching together. I assumed that the applicator’s cushion part wasn’t that cushiony that’s why it was making that sound (try to scratch your skin with your fingers, that was the sound it was making).  That part didn’t bother me but just stating it here so if you did experience that, now you know that you are not alone. Also, Jazzy France is calling these products lip gloss when they are more on a liquid lipstick to me with a matte finish.

The product wasn’t heavy on the lips but once it is dry, you will feel something is on your lips. It is not something that you will apply and you will forget that it was there afterwards. I’m not really sure how to explain this part but that’s the best way I can describe it. Okay, let me try it again. You will feel something dry is on your lips. Like there’s a thin layer of liquid that dried up on your lips. That’s the feeling! Surprisingly, the product didn’t dry my lips but it didn’t moisturize either. It’s just, it was smooth.

When I tested the product, I applied the lip gloss at almost lunch time. Two hours after that I decided to eat lunch and have a pork BBQ with rice. After eating, I blot my lips and noticed very little transfer on the napkin. I was very surprised by that since pork BBQs are very oily and oil makes lipsticks to budge and fade when blot. jazzy-pic-3

When I went to the car, I checked the lipstick and took a selfie right away. On my upper lip, the inner side parts faded and on my lower lip, only the middle inner part was fading.

I didn’t reapply the lipstick right away because I forgot the product at home but when I went home at around 5pm, I reapply the lipstick on the faded parts right away. At first I thought it look great and it blended well but once it dried up, I can see that it didn’t blend well with the lipstick I already have on my lips. It looks like I was wearing a darker lip liner. On the picture below, it doesn’t really show but in person you might say that I am wearing two different lip color. jazzy-pic-8

Taking the lip gloss off was not that easy. I first tried to use my regular makeup wipe but it didn’t work well so I decided to use my eye makeup remover from Clinique and yes, it worked better.

I do have mixed feelings about this product. I love how vibrant the colors are. The product is kiss proof and long lasting. They didn’t dry my lips and I can say they are affordable but still, I have mixed emotions about it. I know I didn’t fall for them because, first, it didn’t blend well after the reapplication and then second, the product is not smooth on the lips. Lastly, even though the product is non-drying but the fact that I can feel something dry is on my lips made me conscious that my lips were getting chapped.

I really wish I can say that I love this product but I don’t.

You can also check out my YouTube review on this product at .