Review – Jazzy France Lip Gloss

I was so excited to try this Jazzy France Lip Gloss after seeing good reviews on YouTube. When I went to the Philippines, I made sure I get myself some of these lip glosses for me to try.

Let’s first talk about the package and the price. Each lip gloss comes in a clear acrylic container which is good so it is easier for us to see the color from the outside. I got mine in SM Megamall cosmetics department for P349 each.

Now, the product. The colors I purchased were Maroon, Sunrise and Tea Rose. The Maroon lip gloss is a dark red violet color. I love how dark the lip gloss is and it almost as dark as black once it dried on my lips. Sunrise is red orange or in the makeup world, we call it coral. Tea Rose is a beautiful mauve color. jazzy-france-swatches

I got attracted to Tea Rose because from the packaging, it really looks similar to Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in “Mother”. When I did a swatch, “Mother” is more on the pink side and Tea Rose is more on the purple side. So no, they are not similar in color at all.

Anyway, all three products took about a minute or two to completely dry. I noticed that in the process of drying, the product was sticky but the stickiness was gone once it was all dry. I noticed some patchiness on them specially in Maroon but because it took a while for them to dry on my lips, evening it out wasn’t difficult. Also, the Maroon lip gloss was making a sound while I was applying on my lips. Well, it wasn’t really the lip gloss that was making the sound but the applicator and my lips touching together. I assumed that the applicator’s cushion part wasn’t that cushiony that’s why it was making that sound (try to scratch your skin with your fingers, that was the sound it was making).  That part didn’t bother me but just stating it here so if you did experience that, now you know that you are not alone. Also, Jazzy France is calling these products lip gloss when they are more on a liquid lipstick to me with a matte finish.

The product wasn’t heavy on the lips but once it is dry, you will feel something is on your lips. It is not something that you will apply and you will forget that it was there afterwards. I’m not really sure how to explain this part but that’s the best way I can describe it. Okay, let me try it again. You will feel something dry is on your lips. Like there’s a thin layer of liquid that dried up on your lips. That’s the feeling! Surprisingly, the product didn’t dry my lips but it didn’t moisturize either. It’s just, it was smooth.

When I tested the product, I applied the lip gloss at almost lunch time. Two hours after that I decided to eat lunch and have a pork BBQ with rice. After eating, I blot my lips and noticed very little transfer on the napkin. I was very surprised by that since pork BBQs are very oily and oil makes lipsticks to budge and fade when blot. jazzy-pic-3

When I went to the car, I checked the lipstick and took a selfie right away. On my upper lip, the inner side parts faded and on my lower lip, only the middle inner part was fading.

I didn’t reapply the lipstick right away because I forgot the product at home but when I went home at around 5pm, I reapply the lipstick on the faded parts right away. At first I thought it look great and it blended well but once it dried up, I can see that it didn’t blend well with the lipstick I already have on my lips. It looks like I was wearing a darker lip liner. On the picture below, it doesn’t really show but in person you might say that I am wearing two different lip color. jazzy-pic-8

Taking the lip gloss off was not that easy. I first tried to use my regular makeup wipe but it didn’t work well so I decided to use my eye makeup remover from Clinique and yes, it worked better.

I do have mixed feelings about this product. I love how vibrant the colors are. The product is kiss proof and long lasting. They didn’t dry my lips and I can say they are affordable but still, I have mixed emotions about it. I know I didn’t fall for them because, first, it didn’t blend well after the reapplication and then second, the product is not smooth on the lips. Lastly, even though the product is non-drying but the fact that I can feel something dry is on my lips made me conscious that my lips were getting chapped.

I really wish I can say that I love this product but I don’t.

You can also check out my YouTube review on this product at .

Review: Hyper Curl Mascara by Maybelline

I was excited to try this mascara because I am looking for a dupe for my ever favorite Dior Overcurl. This products claims to give our lashes the natural and fresh look; it says it is 24 hour smudge-proof and irritation proof gel formula. I am very picky when it comes to mascara because I have resistant eye lashes, oily eyelids and so far only Dior Overcurl is the only mascara that gives my lashes long lasting curls that doesn’t make a mess on the lower rims of my eyes.

The Hyper Curl Volume Mascara is waterproof. I prefer non-waterproof mascaras because it is a pain to take them off and it makes your lashes brittle. So for me, that’s the down side. The up side is, it only cost Php 199 but I got mine at Php 50 off in Watsons Megamall, so I only paid Php 149 for this.


The mascara wand is slightly curved to help achieve the curling effect. When I applied the first coat, my right eye lashes, didn’t curl but left eye lashes did. Weird, right? One coat, gave my lashes a little volume so I guess that is good. The second coat was a little bit difficult to apply because the product dried up fast on my eyes. I can tell a little bit of clumpiness but not that bad. The second coat did make my right eye lashes curled up and now both eyes are even!

So now, let wait how long my lashes will stay curled up with no smudging. I applied the mascara at around 12 noon.

At 3:30is, my lashes are still looking pretty. Still curled up with no smudging.

At 6pm, they still look the same. At this point, I had to check if there were small black particles that fell out. I usually see those small black stuff after a few hours of applying mascara. To my surprise, there’s none!

At 8:18pm, I can see a little bit of smudge on the left side of my lower lash line but the curl of my eye lashes were still there. One thing I love is, until at this point, there were still no small black particles coming off. After 8 hours and still didn’t see any of that….. That was a big WOW for me!

Will I repurchase? Yes! Even though I didn’t like the fact that it is waterproof, I will repurchase this  because of the fact that it held the curl of my eye lashes for more than 6 hours. A little bit of smudging at 8 hours was no biggie for me and yes, it does look natural.

I know taking off mascaras from our eyes is quite irritating; the more so if the mascara is waterproof. Well, I am happy to say that with this mascara, it wasn’t a pain to take it off (with the help of Clinique Eye Makeup remover).

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Review: Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear

I’m not really a fan of BB Creams but for some reason I bought this one while I was in the Philippines and gave it a shot. Most BB creams I have tried before were American Brands and I didn’t like any of them. I tried one Korean BB Cream from Missha and that too failed to impress me. So to be honest, I was skeptical about this one.

Okay, so let’s talk about the product.


Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear comes in an inverted tube container which for me is perfect so getting the last amount of the product would not be so hard. The product cost Php 238 and it is 20m/.0676 fluid oz.

The products claims to be:

Skin Lightening




Color Corrector

When I purchased it, I was told by the sales lady that since it is BB Cream, I can use this as a makeup primer. I guess that is a plus but that’s not what I intend to use this for. I just want to use something light on the skin that is moisturizing, will give me a little coverage that will last for 8 hours or so.

The manufacturing date and expiration is at the back of the product. The makeup expiration says that the product is good for 12 months once you opened it. If you will use this product every day, 20 ml will only last you maybe just a month.


The BB Cream itself is not runny which is amazing because the product is not thick. You can use your fingertips, sponge or brush to apply the product (as indicated on the package) on your face. As I am applying this on my face using a damp beauty sponge, I can feel that it is easy to blend. One layer of the BB Cream gave me a little coverage and cancelled out the redness around my nose, chin and the sides of the bridge of my nose. Yes, I have redness on those areas too. One layer of this product and I am already happy with what I’m seeing. I decided to put one more layer to see if it will give me more coverage and to see if the product is buildable; and it did! Two layers of this BB Cream is doable, not cakey and gave me more coverage. Some pimple marks are still showing but doesn’t really bother me. It doesn’t have a matte finish, it is dewy. If you have oily face like me then you know that dewiness will give us more shine.

I finished applying this product at 12:03, I applied blush on my cheeks to see how long my blush will stay on but I didn’t apply any setting powder. This way I can really test this product.

At 330ish, my face was really oily specially my T zone. This is not a surprised and not a disappointment towards the product. After three hours, I’m still liking the coverage of this product.


The picture was taken at 3:30ish pm. As you can see, my face is very oil and needs some blotting.


Back to looking fresh after using an oil control sheet. No loose powder applied either.

At 6pm, of course the oiliness is still there. Oh, the blush too! 🙂 I’m still very much happy with the BB cream at this point. A little bit of redness was peeking through around my nose but the coverage for the rest of my face was still there.


My last check in for this review was at 8:18pm and I can say that the coverage was still there and even my cheek color. Of course, the oiliness didn’t go away but given that the only time I used an oil control sheet was at around 3pm, I can say that this product exceeded my expectations.


This is a selfie I took at 8:18pm.

Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear is a product that I would repurchase for myself. I had to emphasize that no setting powder was applied on top of the BB cream and after 8 hours, it is still giving me what I’m looking for in a BB Cream – moisturizing and will give me light to medium coverage.

Thumbs up, Nichido!

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Why I decided to vlog on Youtube?

youtube-channelWoah! I’m back here after over year. So yeah, after writing my first blog, I didn’t log back in here until today.

A lot of things happened since I wrote my very first blog. Last summer, my husband and I went to the States to visit the kids. Not to long ago, I resigned from my beloved job because we will be moving to Colorado and then before that, I decided to vlog on youtube.

Vlogging has been something I wanted to do since 2011 or 2012 when I first saw Michelle Phan on Youtube. Yes, I think that was in 2012. First, I really wanted to be a makeup guru like Michelle but I realized I am not as talented as her so I didn’t do it. Then after that I see different people on Youtube doing their own thing; some are showcasing their singing talent, dancing, how to do this, how to do that and then I saw some people just posting about their life and what they do on a daily basis. I’m like “wait, why do you want to show the world your life? That’s kinda strange.” After watching different lifestyle vloggers, I realized that people do it because of different reasons. Some people decided to vlog their life because they have fans from their beauty channel who are curious to see how they live their lives. Some are doing for memories (something to look back when they get old) and some do it to inspire people.

One day, I came across one of Shameless Maya’s Tech Talk videos and I decided to look at her other videos. Whenever I will see a Youtuber that I like, I’m always curious how and why they started vlogging. With Maya, it all started as a social media experiment. She wanted to put herself out there for 365 days and see what will happen from there. On her earlier videos, she talked about the struggle of what her contents will be and yes, that could be challenging since your viewers are expecting something from you. She kept filming and filming even after that and now YouTube has become a lifestyle for her. What she did is very brave and it inspired me to make my own channel, film my life and just put it out there.

I started asking myself “if I create a channel what are the area(s) I should focus? Should I be like Michelle Phan who started just doing makeup tutorials? Will I look stupid on my videos? What if no one watch me? Who will watch my videos when I’m a nobody???” Those are just the few questions that started popping in my head. Being an overthinker myself, I didn’t do it when I first thought of doing it because I scarred myself with my own thoughts. I didn’t know where to begin because of it. Finally one day, I took the camera and started talking about myself, my goal and what inspired me to do it. I didn’t really say much on my intro because it was awkward talking to the camera but really my goals are:

  1. Memories – I love looking back to memory lane. I have another youtube channel I long time ago that’s full of my son’s videos when he was still little. Until now, I still watch my son’s video and I’m thankful that I have something to look at now that he is older. Too bad, I can’t get in that channel since I forgot the email and password I used for that account.
  2. To Keep Me Busy – When I started my channel in September of this year, I knew at that time that I will be jobless in a month. I hate being bored and not doing anything and I know vlogging will keep be busy. From filming to editing, yes that’s making me busy these days.
  3. To Keep My Family Updated – I didn’t have facebook for over a year and updating my family with what’s going on with my life can be sometimes difficult. I figured that maybe if I film my life and upload them  regularly, my family will know what I’ve been up to. If you are wondering, I have my sisters in the Philippines and my parents are here on Guam. In January, my husband and I are moving to Colorado.
  4. To Explore – vlogging is something out of my comfort zone and I wanted to explore and answer all the “what if’s” in my head. We will never know until we try, right?
  5. To Inspire Other People – we are all unique in our own ways but if there’s something in me that may inspire other people, why not? Sometimes, we look at ourselves so low but for others we are an inspiration. I give a lot of relationship and life advice (if needed) to people I’m close to based on my own experience. I don’t tell them to follow my advice but I’m laying out the possibilities and options for them. I am not a psychologist but my life experiences made me smart and open-minded. I will incorporate my learnings in my vlogs soon.
  6. Money & Freebies – I’d be lying if I didn’t think of this. Of course, I did. At this point, I don’t really see myself vlogging for a very long time and until now I don’t know until when I’m going to do this because I’d like to work again (in Human Resources area) once we moved to Colorado. All I’m saying is that, if I gain money or get free stuff while vlogging, I will not say NO. As long as it is legal and not harming myself or anyone, why not?

At this point, I only have 70 something subscribers and 500 something views. My channel is still very young and so far I am enjoying it.

To see my youtube channel look for: Queen KC Van Etta.

Queen Khristine

You guys may be thinking why I named my blog or my domain Queen Khristine. You are probably asking “who the hell is she and why is she calling herself a queen?” Why not? Well, I’m actually just a nobody. I’m not a professional writer/journalist/blogger. I’m not famous, I’m no royalty. I’m just a simple human being who happens to decide to blog. Writing is not my thing but I will still blog. 🙂

My name is Khristine. Yes, that is how I spell my name. It is not Kristine or Christine, it’s KHRISTINE.

A few years ago, you will see the word “princess” every where. You will see a lot of girls addressing themselves as a princess on their social media accounts. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Almost every girl dreamt of becoming a princess at one point because of the movies and cartoons we watched. But what I didn’t like about the whole princessy stuffs are the social media posts and quotations that says “I’m a princess, I get what I want. You better watch out, b*tch!” or “I want a man who will treat me like a princess”. Those sounded very selfish and immature to me and I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be different from other girls. I’m a woman not a girl. I have my own responsibilities, I make my own choices and make own mistakes. Most importantly, I learn from my mistakes. That’s when I decided I will be a queen in my own different way. In my head, I’m a queen. I rule my life and I guide my king.

I think differently and I would like to express myself thru blogging. If people will take their time to read my blog, good! Thank you for taking your time. If not, it’s okay. I will still blog for memories.  When I’m old and wrinkly, when my memories are getting blurry, I have something to go back to.

In blogging, they said to pick something you are passionate about and concentrate on it. I guess, this way you will not end up being a dear diary kinda stuff. Well, what if my passion is life?  What if I do not want to limit my blog on one thing? I’m a passionate person. There are lots of things I’m interested about and I would love to share it with people. I will blog about my life, relationships, my opinion(s), cosmetics, food, places, and many more. If you want to ask me a question about my life, or anything related to my post, go ahead and ask. I will do my best to answer your question but please understand that there are some things in my life that I will keep private.  If you want to share a life experience similar to mine, please do so. Leave it on the comment box. Maybe you and I will learn from each other, right?

I categorized my blog site. Life Journey is my personal blog. This is where I will post events, opinions, my latest realizations, relationships, and some life dramas (I had to emphasize the word “some”). Beauty is anything related to skin, nails and hair. I have a license in cosmetology but I am not a cosmetologist for a living. Cosmetics is one of the many things I love. The other categories are self explanatory. I’m a geek’s wife is basically reviews about gadgets. Take note, my husband is the geek one and not me. My gadget reviews will be explain in a non-geeky language. Simple and easy to understand.

I may write something in the future that might offend some people. That is not my intention. However, I do not recommend for you to keep reading my post if I start to offend you. You have to be open-minded and respectful to be here. Different opinions are welcome (and will be respected), but bashing and negativities are not.